The hardest old school video game bosses of all time

Bosses have always been a fundamental part of video gaming. The main aim of an avid gamer is to challenge the boss at the end of each level. But then, some bosses are so powerful and possess such incredible abilities that even the most proficient video gamers are left frustrated.

In this article, we examine some of the meanest and most pugnacious video game bosses throughout the last thirty-something years. These are the kinds of bosses that might just make you hate playing video games. Here are the hardest old school video game bosses of all time.

The hardest old school video game bosses of all time

Skolas – Destiny: House of Wolves

Destiny turned out to be a phenomenon among devoted gamers, often sparking conversations on various sites including Reddit. Video game communities came out in large numbers to help each other succeed in the game. What gave the tight-knit gamers the toughest challenge was the excessively hard final boss called Skolas, who was featured in the second expansion of House of Wolves. Skolas was positioned in the Prison of Elders – a ground full of massive fights and weekly challenges. Certain types of weapons were modified and made devastatingly powerful. Skolas and his minion aliens known as the Fallen were armed with “arc” weapons.

The “arc burn” modifier made the fight nearly impossible for a majority of gamers. Frequently, Destiny players gathered in groups of about three to combine efforts and take down Skolas along with his minions. But the fight often ended up lasting for several hours and in vain. The battle was so tough that developer Bungie ended up eliminating the burn modifiers to allow gamers to play and win. After the removal of the burn modifiers, players could finally dive into the game and defeat Skolas in combat.

General Raam – Gears Of War

Gears of War is a game that features some truly challenging situations and tough boss fights, which are spread throughout the series. Our second spot, however, is easily taken by the first game’s final boss, known as General Raam. Fighting and taking down this evil boss can be insanely difficult even for the most dedicated players. Raam is readily equipped with a powerful minigun wrapped in a shield of lethal Kryll, which he can release to destroy you. Besides, he’s always flanked by Reavers. Relying on the poor ally Al of Dom won’t help much, because the entire fight will likely be left to you.

Ram can finish you with only one single shot, and when the fight is tough enough, he releases quick and carefully timed blasts in seconds. This fight is truly brutal and insanely difficult to complete, more so if you lack immense skill. You might need to get a friend to help you complete it.

The hardest old school video game bosses of all time

The Nameless King – Dark Souls 3

There are a pretty good number of Soulsborne bosses in the gaming world. However, none of them can raise your blood pressure like the Nameless King in the Dark Souls 3. The Nameless King is a tall armored fellow, carrying an electrified spear.
According to an in-game description, this ancient monarch was initially a dragon-slaying god. He later sacrificed all that he had to make friends with the ancient dragons. That’s apparently how he became the Nameless King. When the fight begins, the king flies around trying to attack you with his spear, while a dragon-like creature attempts to scorch you with its flames. These attacks are difficult and unpredictable.

When you ultimately take him down, he jokes on you, and the second phase, which is more demanding, begins immediately. Here, you will need a lot of patience, and perhaps lightning resist gear, to defeat him.