Movies you didn’t know became TV series

Often, movies get a once-off production. Sometimes movies get sequels and other times they get turned into trilogies. Then there are those with multiple installments added to the collection. So what’s next? Production companies let the movies run their course. Sometimes these movies get turned into TV series. Then there are other times when the series is well known but not many people know about the movie that is its predecessor, for a case in point example, see below.


In this star-studded series, guests can experience the old west in the form of amusement parks hosted by androids. Each time around these androids are given a clean slate and a new narrative. However, as these androids begin to retain the memories and experiences of their past lives, they begin to problematically take on the form of more sentient beings. The seven seasons of Westworld are based loosely on a single movie and to a smaller extent its sequel, Futureworld. Plot twists in the series can be further explained by events occurring in the original film.

Movies you didn’t know became TV series

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This 1992 feature film was succeeded not long after by the TV series casting Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy. This story essentially follows the life of a young lady recruited to be the next slayer in line to fight against and defeat vampires, demons, and other evils. Buffy receives help from a designated watcher and the support of her loyal gang of friends. It is rare that a TV show following a movie is any good but in this case, Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series was a smash hit.

Lethal Weapon

After the loss of his wife, an off-the-wall detective gets partnered with an experienced and well-respected old-timer. Together the two of them fight crime all whilst butting heads, using their own unique experiences and sometimes slightly questionable creative ways to get the job done. Although the four films featuring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover can’t be put in the same category as the 3 seasoned television series, there are still people out there that do not know the series was based on a blockbuster movie franchise.

Teen Wolf

Most people know about this teen drama television series, but what most may not know was that this show was loosely based on the 1985 movie of the same name featuring Michael J Fox. In the original movie, Scott played basketball and inherited his werewolf trait from his father, whilst in the series, Scott plays Lacrosse and gets transformed into a werewolf through a bite. Similarly however, both film and series deal with the effect the werewolf transformation has on Scott’s school career, his personal life, and how he deals with new found abilities.

Movies you didn’t know became TV series

About a boy

This romantic comedy-drama film features Hugh Grant as bachelor Will Freeman and Nicholas Hoult as Marcus, the 11-year-old boy living next door. Focusing on their developing relationship, unbeknownst to the 2, the impact they would have on each other’s lives. The television series supporting a new cast lacked the fan base the movie had but was nonetheless still a decent watch.

Hopefully, after this list, the originally unrecognized film can receive its recognition and no longer have to hide in the limelight of its successor.