The five most popular Star Trek costumes

Star Trek has had a tremendously beautiful legacy, not only through thought-provoking storytelling but also the amazing and often insane costumes. The Star Trek universe has literally hundreds of strange and silly costumes, and picking the best one can be challenging. Thankfully, we’ve risen to the challenge and rounded up the most popular Star Trek costumes that are fun and delightful to wear.

1. Picard’s dress uniform

There were several things going down in season one of The Next Generation. But what broadened the Original Series the most was the plunge into the utopianism plasma pool.

The equality of genders was conspicuous in the notorious “skant,” a half jumpsuit, and half skirt that some ladies and a handful of men wore on the Enterprise. We did see the likes of Picard (and Ricker) rocking this somewhat feminine full skant dress uniform. It closely resembles a kilt, but it’s also similar to a dress.

The five most popular Star Trek costumes

We’re not saying that this full skant doesn’t look nice. No, it does look marvelous. It features some gorgeous decorative elements, especially from the buttons to the neckline.

2. “The Naked Time” Environmental Suit

There are moments when Star Trek’s sets and costumes could become so cheesy that you can’t hide your giggles. This show isn’t Lost in Space, but any die-hard Star Trek aficionado will admit that this costume, from an episode of Star Trek entitled “The Naked Time” is flat-out ridiculous.

The hazmat style suit closely mirrors a bright red shower curtain, and it is complete with a full head covering. It sure makes for a great costume.

3. Anbo-Jyutsu uniforms

This costume is based on the family that plays this Japanese-style sport together. Kyle and his son Will Ricker bow to each other and then proceed to beat one another with sticks as a way to settle their differences.

The red and gray suits resemble a knight’s armor, but with a bit more style. You’re sure to stand out if you choose to dress up like these fighters.

4. Tholian web EV suits

Back when RCA owned NBC, it was a mandate to keep Star Trek bright by pushing new color sets. Having splashes of blue and red was important, even in the inky duskiness of space or even when caught in an inter-dimensional stage. Then there was this headpiece, which many folks admit was the coolest thing ever. It’s basically a big boxy helmet, complete with a transparent piece in front of your face.

5. Enterprise Security from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

This costume is far from a simple red shirt. The Enterprise isn’t the only thing that was overhauled to fit Star Trek: The Motion Picture. There were several other elements that received some noticeable refurbishments, such as the uniforms. For uniforms, the bright primary colors were removed in favor of more hushed earth tones.

The five most popular Star Trek costumes

Previously, there were odd buckles that dominated the bottom of the tunics, as well as the center of the one-piece jumpsuits. If you do your own research, you’ll realize that they were intended to be medical receivers, or scanners known as perscans.

Anyway, all this seems to fade in comparison to what the security teams were dressed in at the time. The heavy leather vests complete with plastic casing, plus the maroon rugby helmets featuring Starfleet crests, are unlike any other costumes ever worn by the Enterprise crew members. They’re simply incomparable.