The most amazing bookstores around the world

If you love to read, one of the best things about traveling around the world is the amazing bookstores you will come across. These stores often have long and interesting histories, and can give you a sense of stepping into another time or place. Plus, the incredible books and decorations you find there can keep you interested for hours.

You might be asking yourself, how will I find these amazing bookshops? Well, here is a list of some of the most amazing bookstores around the world.

1. Shakespeare and Company – Paris, France

Shakespeare and Company was founded way back in 1919 by Sylvia Beach. The store has gone through several unforgettable transitions to date. At the moment, the bookstore is one of the best known active bookstores in the world. It is known for hosting workshops, literary reading, and annual festivals, where the world’s best writers have the opportunity to meet.

The most amazing bookstores around the world

2. The Strand – New York City, USA

Are you looking for a combination of new, used, and rare books? If so, The Strand in New York City is the best bookstore to check out. With 18 miles of books inside, it is one of the most amazing stores in the world, and it stocks all kinds of literary materials. In addition, The Strand was able to stand the test of time since its founding back in 1927, and it’s one of the few stores left of its kind. This has been attributed to the strong relationships among the owners.

3. Polare – Maastricht, Netherlands

This bookstore that has been described to be the future of books. It was developed mainly as a fiction seller through online subscription. Despite the store’s financial difficulties, it has remained operational, attracting people from all walks of life and from all around the world. Polare mainly hosts religious groups to benefit people with similar religious values.

4. El Ateneo – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Known for its amazing reading environment, El Ateneo is made of frescoed ceilings, plush red stage curtains, and ornate carvings. These features have encouraged a lot of people to flock to the unique bookstore to test this out of world experience. It has been the best choice of bookstores for people who visit Argentina.

5. Libreria Acqua Alta – Venice, Italy

As much as you can’t believe it until you visit the bookstore, Libreria Acqua Alta might be the world’s only bookstore built under water. It is managed with high standards due to this environment. For instance, during flooding, the staff are advised to move the books to higher shelves. During your travel, you can check this store to see these amazing developments.

The most amazing bookstores around the world

6. Bookabar – Rome, Italy

One of the world best bookstore, Bookabar mainly deals with arts and design books. This is one place you’ll most likely be able to get your hands on that old art book you’ve been searching for. It is the world’s leading store for selling the latest art and design books.

One might argue that a good bookstore is described only by type or the number of books available. But from the above mentioned bookstores make it clear that many features are at play to make a bookstore to stand out. This includes its design and location among many other features. If you check out these bookstores, you’re sure to have an experience to remember.