The most intelligent shows on Netflix

What do you look for when you sit down and turn on Netflix? Are you in the mood for something comedic to lighten the load after a long day at work? Maybe you want some horror to get your adrenaline going after sitting on the couch all afternoon. Whatever your tastes, Netflix has nearly anything you could ask for in its content library. Even the smarty pants out there who typically pick books over TV shows can find something to keep them entertained. The streaming site is full of intelligent series that will keep your brain engaged from start to finish.


There have been many iterations of Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic character over the years, both in TV and in film. However, perhaps the most intelligent of these is the British BBC version starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Set in modern day England, each episode spends 90 minutes taking you on a journey as Sherlock tries to uncover every new mystery. Reaching the answer before the detective is difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun trying to guess the ending.


House of Cards

A Netflix original based off a miniseries from the ‘90s, House of Cards is the perfect choice for any political viewers out there. You have to pay a lot of attention just to know what’s happening, but that ensures you never miss out on any of the juicy drama this show is full of. If you’re in tune with American politics and understand all the lingo, then you’ll probably get the references and innuendos that are thrown out from time to time.


No matter whether you believe them or not, you can’t deny that a lot of thought goes into conspiracy theories. Some people devote their lives to finding evidence that disproves everything we thought we knew about history, the world, and even ourselves. That’s all thrown together into Conspiracy, a show which may well leave you with a lot of questions. You might not agree with what you’re watching, but it should still give you food for thought nevertheless.

Stranger Things

Not only is Netflix series Stranger Things compelling TV, but it’s also a huge love letter to the 1980s. The program takes inspiration from films, shows, directors, writers, and so much more from that decade, and their influence is clear to see in every episode. Trying to work out each reference adds to the enjoyment of the series which never fails to serve up bundles of mystery and drama. Good luck trying to figure out what’s going on before the show gives you the answers.

Stranger Things

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad might have come to an end several years ago, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It does mean you get to binge the whole series on Netflix without having to wait around for any new episodes. If you’re going to spend your evenings and weekends obsessing over a show, this is definitely the one to do it with. With some intense drama and a story that gets darker with every turn, you’ll find it hard to switch off. Plus, all that science talk between Walter White and Jesse Pinkman is sure to please any intellects out there.

No matter what you’re looking to watch, Netflix really does have something for everyone. Whether you want to challenge your brain or just sit back and relax, this streaming site has got you covered.